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the photographer, kelly mckay
The photographer, Kelly McKay

Many thanks to Ms Kelly McKay, my friend and neighbour, who took scores of photographs of Doc, Monty, Reggie, and me in his home one Sunday afternoon. (I took the above picture of her myself that same day.) Her website (of my own construction) showcases selections of her brilliant and artistic photography.

Of course, no site about Doc would be complete without a link to his official website,, which has biographical information, details about his available CDs, sound samples, and more.

My website is a scrapbook of celebrity signatures I have collected over the years, both in person and through the mail. (Of course Doc's autograph is featured!)

Besides devoting my spare time to building websites about autographs and piano players, I also actually do this for a living. If you would be interested in having me build a site for you, please click here for my references and contact information.

I have been a customer of for many years, and I highly recommend their hosting service. Their great value, reliable servers, and knowledgable staff are highly deserving of my unsolicited praise.

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